What is 9SpyApps ?

9SpyApp is one of the best and reliable spy software for mobile.  This just the app you need when you want to spy on your kids’ mobile activities or to check on your employees.  9SpyApp, a mobile app keeps your business and kids safe as it allows you to spy on their mobile phone and helps you take quick action on their activities.

How It Works ?

how-9spy-works-1Step 1 : Download and Installation

Download spy app on target android device from http://d.9spyapps.com, install it .

register-immobilespy3. Login or Registration

If you already have 9SpyApp account, just enter your information and Login
If you don’t have any 9SpyApp account let’s click on “Register” button

start-monitoringStep 3 : Monitoring

Now you’ll be able to get all information at http://my.9spyapps.com that you need to spy.


Download for free !


Special Features Of 9SpyApp


SMS Tracking

  • View send and receive SMS
  • iMessage

Call Tracking

  • View Call History
  • Call Recording
  • Auto Answer

Location Tracking

  • Current GPS location
  • Location History 
  • Hide Location 

Track Social Media

  • WhatsApp, Facebook Chats
  • Viber, Skype Messages
  • Hangouts/Google Talk
  • BBM History/Line Messages/Kik Messages

Internet Browsing History

  • View web browser history
  • View Bookmarks

Logging Multimedia

  • View Photos, Videos, Notes
  • Listen to Voice Recording

Access Remotely

  • Backup And Delete All Sensitive Data
  • Remotely Lock Phone
  • Control Panel


  • SIM Change Notification
  • Wipe Phone Data
  • Backup Phone Data


  • Multi Devices (3 devices)
  • 100% Undetectable
  • Remote Control Via SMS Commands

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Why Choose 9SpyApp ?

Perfect solutions for you

Minimum cost

9SpyApp is the best and most affordable software that comes with advanced and complete features.

High security

The software keeps all gathered information securely and reveals your targets’ secret mobile activities and keeps your secret safe.


They provide 24/7 support, and the professional team is always ready to solve customer’s problems.

Happy Clients

More than 120,000 customers are using this app and day by day the number is increasing because of its reliability and high security.

Happy Clients About Us

"The team has been providing marketing help to me and my company from an early stage of our development."

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Jack Diaz,blogger

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From the Blog

Take control on any remote device today!

About 9SpyApp

Many individuals who are suspicious about their kids, spouses, businesses are looking for serious solutions and they want to monitor their mobile activity that is when you need 9SpyApp, this spy app is developed to help people to find the perfect solution for their anxiety about their kids and business.

9spyapps.com is the best website that has provided several spy programs and allows you to download the app for free.  The 9SpyApp is what you need to spy on your target’s mobile phone, this app comes with excellent features and it is considered as the most promising app that is available at a very affordable price and offers premium programs, it also offers:

  • SMS tracking
  • Call Logs
  • Contact Tracking
  • WhatsApp Tracking
  • Ambience Voice
  • Call Recording
  • Facebook Tracking

More info

The 9SpyApp is spy software that has helped several parents to monitors their kids’ activities, and it has been helping employers to find their employees’ secret information, etc.  It helps them get the information by collecting text messages from any mobile device or digital devices.

This best spy app like 9Spy App not only facilitates a user to get new text messages from any mobile phone, it will also get deleted and old text messages. The app searches the mobile device memory and extracts all the accessible deleted and old text messages, and stores them immediately in your account.  The best thing is that you can monitor your target’s text messages without the mobile phone.  9Spy App is a good choice because it offers exceptional functionality and consistency.

However, you will not find any spy app claims that they can be used this particular reason, but it is safe to say that this app helps the people from keeping their employees, kids, teenagers, and spouses under check.  This app comes with advanced features that give what the individual the information on their target’s phone, and the target doesn’t even know that the individual is spying on their mobile messages.

Once you install the app, it gathers text messages, GPS location and other related information from the targets mobile phone and stores in your protected account and transfers it to your mobile.

9spyapps.com is the website where you can find different spy applications at free of cost. The apps are loaded with features; it has most capable characteristics that are available at a very affordable price.