Nowadays, all people use smartphones, as we all know. This also means that we are in danger of online threats, problems, and malware.

Younger people and children are even at higher risk.

Parents, boyfriends, husbands and all others who have a need for protecting their loved ones or obtaining private information should ask a question to themselves, is spy text real?

The answer is yes and it actually works perfectly.

More about spyware app

9Spyapps is the main answer to your question. It is one of the first apps of its kind and it proved to be more than just useful.

Reasons are simple. The app gives you insight into private messages stored on any device running iOS or Android and allow you to read them remotely, without the need to touch a targeted device.

Basically, the app will have to be installed to the targeted device. Just to add, a targeted device is a smartphone where messages are stored!

After the installation process, you will have to log in to the control panel on the website and that’s it.

Here you can see all the messages sent and received.

All message types are supported

Once upon a time, text messages were the only way of text communication, so the app in question had to allow their support as soon as possible. Even today, when smartphones are sophisticated, text messages are the fastest and the most reliable form of communication.

That’s why most people use them daily.The 9Spyapps targets the text messages due to the fact, chances are high you will need to read them first.

The synchronization time is 0 seconds, meaning that all messages received by the targeted device will be seen in the control panel straight away.

But, today users prefer other types of messages, therefore the 9Spyapps must meet the demands.

As the answer, it is fully compatible with Viber, Whatsapp, Skype and etc. In essence, all possible and used forms of text messages are supported.

Each type has a separate tab in the control panel, so sorting them is as easy as it gets.

Just to mention, each message will be displayed alongside the sender information.

Phone number, time and date can be visible for each message.

The feature also works in conversation mode, when multiple messages are shown on the screen at once.

More features

Is spy text real and does it actually work?

Obviously, the answer is yes, but there is something even better.

Spying the messages is just one feature of the 9Spyapps.

Additionally, you can listen to phone calls, get access to private data and even control the device remotely.

The full list of features is longer than 20 points.Regardless of which feature you will need, you don’t have to worry about the detection.

The app is completely hidden, which means that there are no evidence it has been installed on a smartphone.

Once you are done, you can uninstall it, remotely of course.

In addition, free trial allows you to test all of the features in the real world.


Free trial no credit card required


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