Internet, mobile, Whatsapp, Facebook are some terms that nowadays nobody is unaware of.Who in this world don’t want to know what their loved ones are up to, with whom they are taking and what they are planning, and even if they are in good company or not.

Mobile phone, social media platforms, chatting apps, including Whatsapp, hike, Skype and many others, with the aid of connecting people, have raised the fear of their getting into bad company and surroundings as well.

Why is it important to keep an eye on your friends and family’s activities? It is very important in today’s generation to have knowledge of what and whom your loved ones are talking to.

Not only on them, you may also want to keep track of your business work and employees to know whether they are working or passing time on their mobile phones.The only way to do so is to spy on their phones in order to know what and whom they message and call.

App like Whatsapp and Facebook also need to be peeped on.In this article we are going to talk about how to spy on whatsapp messages without target phone. There are many applications and softwares available online for spying whatsapp .

How to spy on whatsapp messages without target phone?

Some of them may include the involvement of targeted person’s mobile and some may not. Of course, getting it done without taking the person mobile sounds better and safe.


  • You may need other person’s mobile number
  • Mac id.
  • Some specific applications like apk name editor etc.
  • Particular software and apps to do the actual spy work.

Now the question arises is which are these applications and softwares, where you can get them from and how will they be working?

Each software is unique and so as is the methods for using it. 9spyapps are some mobile monitoring softwares that help you in spoofing into the other persons smart phone.

Let us take one software from above to know how actually it works.

9spyapps Software Features:

9spyapps lets you know what’s going on targeted persons mobile. It includes features like:

  • Giving record of dialed, received, missed calls with time stamps.
  • Recording voice calls.
  • Keeping track of media transferred from mobile from various mediums like Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Facebook and others.
  • Viewing gallery images.
  • Viewing media stored in the phone.
  • Give remote control commands to the targeted phone.
  • Geo location of targeted phone.

How to use 9spyapps software?

There is nothing much complicated in 9spyapps: 

  • Firstly, for getting started with the software, select the payment method, choose your plan and register yourself.
  • Then download and install this app in the targeted mobile phone.
  • Now login with your credential and enjoy above given features.

Though it’s never advisable to spy on some other person’s personal life, but when it comes to the concern of parents about their children’s surrounding and morals, entrepreneurs about the work and employees he is spending his lifetime earning on, it is necessary to get insured.


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