Most people always wanted to spy on someone’s smartphone.

Although, on Android and some other operating systems this has been possible since the age of time, even through Bluetooth, Apple and their iPhone stayed outside the reach.

One of the main reasons why iPhone is so popular is precisely its iOS or operating system.

It offers numerous features and security protocols, which users prefer. So, how to spy on iPhone text messages today?

9Spyapps as the answer to your prayers

The app in question is one of a kind, available to bypass the protection and security protocols iOS has.

It does in such way that users cannot even detect it nor notice any changes to the functionality of their device.

Some apps may compromise the operating system, which means that a user will have to restore the device.

Once restored, an iPhone will be installed with all-new iOS, meaning that all the data will be completely removed from it!

9Spyapps won’t affect the user interface nor compromise anything, therefore the need for restoring isn’t something you should worry about.

The only way to remove the app is when you want! In addition, this is done remotely, from the control panels accessed by any web browser.

There is no need to have physical access to the targeted device.All versions of the iOS are supported.

Regardless of an iPhone version, the app will function perfectly, because it works in the same way and on the same piece of code all Apple iPhones have!

You may believe that once a user updates the OS, the app will no longer work. Actually, it will and it will even keep the old data it recorded.


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Jailbreaking is no longer needed

Here we have another, unique feature of the Apple devices.

They can be installed only with applications available on App Store.

While Android devices can be used for apps downloaded from anywhere (you just have to turn on unknown sources in the settings) iPhone doesn’t.

The only way to get the same advantage is to jailbreak a device.Jailbreaking isn’t safe, it doesn’t work in most cases and it voids warranty! But, 9Spyapps isn’t available on the App Store.

Despite the fact, it will work on stock iPhones. It doesn’t require standard privileges and it won’t be installed in the same way as other apps will.

That’s why you cannot see the icon in the menu when the app is installed and activated!

Now you know how to spy on iPhone text messages on non-jailbroken iPhone devices.

Even if the smartphone in question is jailbroken, you can install the app. The procedure is the same and there are no any limitations.

Furthermore, the app can be remotely uninstalled as you may know. Once it is, there won’t be any pieces of evidence nor traces of it.

Even if the phone must be sent for repair, technicians won’t notice that the 9Spyapps was installed.

Chances are high they won’t even notice it if it stays installed!


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