Spyware apps are rare and still well-hidden in the depths of the internet.

But, soon they will become easily available and more useful than ever before.

Is there an app to spy on text messages or I will have to wait even longer is a common question, due to increased usage of smartphones.

Perhaps it still looks like a thing from spy movies, but this is a reality. At least it is with 9Spyapps.

What the app allows you to do?

9Spyapps is fully capable of penetrating the firewall of any device and injecting the code into the operating system.

Regardless is it Android or iOS, the method stays the same and it actually works.

Once injected, the app will link the targeted device to the servers.

What this does is allows you to use the app is a mediator to access the text messages stored on the device.

A user can read messages, check out the time and date when they were sent and even deleted them.

Blocking the sender phone number is implemented as well, in order to ensure the protection of younger adults and those who need it.

Once blocked, there is no other way to unblocked sender except the app!

Because the app becomes a part of the operating system’s code, antivirus software isn’t possible to detect it, nor would any deletion harm it.

Even if a user chooses aftermarket message app, which is common due to the more appealing user interface and additional features, the 9Spyapps will stay to work. As we said, it isn’t implemented into an app, but into the OS.


Free trial no credit card required

100% reliable in all conditions

We mentioned that the app cannot be detected nor harmed in any way, but we didn’t say that it requires an internet connection to work.

While most apps of today require high-speed Wi-Fi, the app doesn’t! It can stay fully operational even on slow internet connections, such are Edge or even GPRS.

The explanation lies in the way how the spy text message feature works.

Is there an app to spy on text messages which doesn't leave any trace?

This simply means that the app won’t download or do anything else in order to leave a digital footprint of its presence.

The messages are not downloaded to the server as they are on the smartphone.

The bottom line is that app doesn’t send a massive amount of data so it cannot be detected.

SIM card notification

Because all text messages are related to the SIM card, you may believe that if a user changes the SIM card, the app won’t work.

Actually, it will, because we already explained it is located into the OS which is directly linked to the SIM card.

In a case a user changes the SIM card, you will be notified and you will even get a new phone number a user chose!

The sub feature is useful if a kid tries to lead a double life hiding activities from parents. The same thing applies to unfaithful spouses!


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