In today’s world, technology has become so advanced that there is no longer distances between us, we can communicate with someone far away from us whether in some other state or country easily and even without any extra efforts or money.

Whatsapp, facebook, Skype and many other social media platforms and chatting apps with features like free media share, audio and video callings are available online free of cost for download and use.

Though it has bought you, your family and friends closer, but what if someone among them only starts misusing it? Your child may start talking to antisocial elements and get involved with their company.

Your partner may start cheating on you. Such issues are common nowadays and are often heard from one or another person, the main question that now arises here is how would you come to know about all this and when?

Hack whatsapp chat history

To avoid such problems, it’s important to be aware of what and with whom your loved ones are talking to.

It’s quite crucial to hack someone’s whatsapp account to keep the track of his chatting but still many softwares and applications exists that helps you to do it.

One of the best softwares and applications you may use for this purpose is 9spyapps

Feature these applications provide you regarding whatsapp.

  • All chat and message history
  • Allows you to know the name and number of another person
  • The data gets stored in your account
  • Get the time and date stamps of messages as well.

Other features including all above, some specific softwares like provides are:

  • Calls log records with time and date stamp.
  • Recorded voice conversations.
  • Media shared from mobile.
  • Geo location of person.
  • Gallery images.
  • Remote control commands

How these whatsapp hacking tool work?

In order to use these softwares, you first have to purchase their membership.

Get registered with these softwares by choosing suitable payment method and membership plan.

Each and every software has its own plans and rates. After getting registered with one of the above or some other hacking software, download their respective applications to the targeted mobile phone.

You may change the icon and the name of the application and it may be risky for you to keep it visible and original name and icon will make the app confusing and suspicious. In fact the person may delete it also.

After changing the icon and the name of the app, login to the specific site with your credentials to get access to your account.

You will get all the information about the targeted phone their only depending on what and how much data your software provides.

There are many other techniques hack whatsapp chat history but the thing to remember is to keep the chat within yourself only and never allow it to get leaked with any third person or third party app.

Use trustworthy softwares and techniques only to be sure about your own and that person’s security and privacy.


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