Hack whatsapp messages without access to phone

WhatsApp has been an integral part of our life. The social media text based platform has affected millions of users worldwide and is increasing its user base every day.

With the invention of new technologies and techniques, there are certain risks as well.

Not to mention, hacking has been a major one. Hacking though, helps users to gain important information through the other user’s phone without even them knowing it.

This indeed is no difficult art to master. A number of websites are available on the internet nowadays that provides users with various tips and tricks to hack WhatsApp without access to the target phone.

One of the best websites providing such tips and tricks is 9spyapps.com.

We will tell you two ways hack whatsapp messages without access to phone. It is available on both Android and iOS. To start with it, first we will see how it works on the Android Smartphone.

How to hack someones whatsapp without their phone?

Hacking WhatsApp through another phone might seem to be a mess, especially for the new ones. 

To start with, users must install the 9SpyApps and follow the instructions as mentioned.

Next up, the user receives an authorization code. The code must be kept intact as it will be useful later.

Then, the program is activated on your Android phone.

Once it is done, it takes some time for the data to be uploaded to the 9SpyApps account.

Then, add any random app from the play store and rename it different from its original one.

This is done in order to not get traced. Then, enter your email address and fill in all the necessary details.

Thus, it will give the users access of the target phone numbers, without the use of the target phone and without their knowledge.

Now, for the iOS version. Firstly, install the Copy9 app from the App store. It is only compatible with iOS enabled phones.

The users are guaranteed to the access of another WhatsApp account without the use of the target phone.

First, create an account on the Copy9 app as it is an external application.

Then, log into your account and verify your iCloudID and password which is connected with the targeted phone.

Next, move to the dashboard and select WhatsApp. Now, each and every text message can be kept track of from the dashboard itself.

All the sent and received messages can easily be recorded for hacking purposes.

However, messages only in the last 24 hours can be kept track of.

The best thing about the Copy9 app is that it doesn’t let the targeted user get hold of the origin of hacking and prevents any kind of spyware.

Thus, from the above mentioned methods for Android and iOS, any user can hack whatsapp messages without access to phone.

With a number of similar apps available on 9spyapps.com, users can easily perform such tips and tricks.

Thus, with the help of 9spyapps.com and following the above mentioned steps, one can easily hack any WhatsApp account 


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