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How can you spy on someone else’s Viber messages or contacts 2017?

How Can You Spy On Someone Else’s Viber Messages Or Contacts?


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Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, communication is now easier and more convenient than ever.

Viber is a completely free, instant messaging and VoIP (voice over IP) app.

It was introduced in 2010, but it didn’t take much time before it became one of the leading apps of this kind.

In addition to ordinary messaging, Viber allows the exchange of video and audio messages and images too.

How to hack viber chat history?

Due to the fact that there are so many Viber users, it is quite natural that people are showing such a great interest in finding a good Viber Spy app that can help them read someone else’s Viber messages and reveal their contacts.

How to hack Viber messages is one of the most used search terms on the popular search engines at least when it comes to spying on communication apps.

There is more than one way to conduct spying like this, but the simplest one is to use a specially designed app for this purpose like 9Spy App for example.

We will take this application as an example because it has proven to be helpful and because it contains all the best features that mobile spy apps have today.

What is 9SpyApps?

In its essence, this is monitoring software that people use to increase safety and security. Some people use it to spy on their suspicious spouses while others want to make sure that their kids are safe. There are 9Spy Apps users who use this application to monitor their employees using company cell phones/tablets.

So, if you want to spy on someone else’s Viber messages, you can rely on this application. 9Spy App allows users to:

  • Read instant messages on this application and on few other popular apps like ViberWhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Line, Kik, Google Hangouts and Snapchat
  • Call Log Monitoring - View all dialed, received and missed calls. Check caller’s name and number
  • Read Text Messages -  View all sent and received text messages.
  • Track GPS Location -  From online to offline, track all kinds of activity from a monitored device, including GPS location.
  • Monitor Web Browsing - Keep tabs on the internet browsing history off the monitored device, including the deleted web surfing history.
  • Multimedia Files & Appointments - View Photos. Watch Videos. View All Calendar Entries.

Get 2 Day Free Trial 9SpyApps

In order to start reading Viber messages, you should install the app on the targeted mobile device. After that, you will get web based control panel access where you can read and download chat logs from Viber.

More Reasons to Choose 9Spy Application

Millions of people are using Viber for communication and they are revealing a lot of things in their conversations. Tracking Viber communication is very important and with the help of 9Spy App, you can now get full access to the monitored Viber app.

  • As we have mentioned before, Viber is more than a simple app for exchanging text messages. This is the reason why the creators of the 9Spy App have decided to develop an app that can monitor literally every feature that this app has.
  • So, with its help, you can view all Viber call logs (missed calls, incoming and outgoing calls). In addition, you can also check all the sent and received photos and videos and even audio files. No interaction on Viber will be left unnoticed by the 9Spy Apps.


Finally, keep in mind that with the best Viber spying apps like 9Spy App, you will be able to monitor almost every activity on the monitored mobile device too like GPS location, call log, text messages, web browsing and more.