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What Is The Best Hidden Keylogger For Android?

What Is The Best Hidden Keylogger For Android?

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How many times you had a need to break password on a smartphone, in order to protect your child, save your marriage or to protect yourself?

Probably a million times. Old solutions, known as "fishing" don’t work anymore, so you need an alternative.

Yes, there is one and it is called keylogger.

What is a keylogger software?

An Android keylogger is an app which runs specifically in the background. It is activated each time a user uses a keyboard and it records the keystrokes.

The collected data is then saved in the memory of a keylogger or more commonly sent to the servers of the software.

Because a keylogger runs in the background only, there is no an icon in app drawer nor the software can be seen in the installation.

All of this is mandatory in order to conceal its actions and ensure ultimate efficiency.

100% undetectable keylogger

Over the years, we had plenty of keyloggers which claimed to work perfectly and that they are undetected.

Sadly, most of them don’t actually work. Some are simple plugins for keyboards, so they are easily detected.

Others cannot monitor keystrokes for a long period of time and third slow down the device, so they are easily detected.

Now, there is a new kid in the neighborhood.

The solution you will want to try is known as 9Spy Apps and straight away we can see why it is different

This, undetectable keylogger for Android is a part of the same named app.

It isn’t installed by a conventional method nor does it work like previous keyloggers, which we mentioned above.

The software is installed in the memory used by the operating system.

As such, it simply becomes part of Android, rather than a simple extension.It isn’t possible to detect the software using antivirus nor any other app designed to protect smartphones.

As aforementioned, the keylogger is located in the memory of the phone which cannot be scanned nor modified by an antivirus.

How 9Spy Apps works?

Besides the architecture of the software, the method how it operates isn’t the same as other keyloggers.

While others store the data on the phone itself or send it to the servers once per houres/day/week, this software has constant synchronization with the servers.

In plain words, the keystrokes are immediately available in the control panel, an online-based control center. In addition, from the control panel, you can operate the keylogger.

Removing obit from a smartphone, customize it for spying on specific apps or at specific time frames.

Full support of the apps

It wouldn’t be very useful having a keylogger which is used to record keystrokes of just specific apps.

For example, we had older software which was used to record messages only.

It simply doesn’t work when you use a web browser or messenger apps. 9Spy Apps keylogger is different, once again.

Due to the fact it becomes a part of a keyboard, rather than additional software, it records all keystrokes performed on device.

Regardless of what and where the user is typing, it will be seen in the control panel.

Furthermore, all data is classified according to the source of origin.

You can easily see keystrokes which were used with Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and others, separately. Of course, monitoring SMS messages is supported as well.

Install and use the 9Spy Apps keylogger

Don’t think that setting up the keylogger is a nightmare. As a matter of fact, the entire process is incredibly simple and it takes 5 minutes or less. Keep in mind that this should be done only once. After that, all the features are available on the aforementioned control panel. Anyway, to install and run the keylogger, you will have to:

  • Visit the official
  • Download and Install the software on a targeted device
  • Verify the installation
  • Login to control panel
  • Done

As you can see, experience or special knowledge is not necessary. It can be explained as the developer’s intentions to make a keylogger software suitable for average users!

Free to try

One of the reasons why we think this is the best keylogger software is a free trial. You have 48 hours’ time to try all the basic features, including the keylogger. There is no need for a credit card nor any form of activation. The trial is completely free.You won’t be obligated to purchase the app after the trial is ended. It is simply possible to remove the app and delete your account. After that, you won’t be associated with the app.

Additional Features

We mentioned that the keylogger is just one feature of the 9Spy Apps. Obviously, this means that you get plenty of additional features. Just some of them are:

Call monitoring

You will have the ability to monitor the incoming and outcoming calls. If you want, you can record them.

Messages monitoring

All messages are visible in the control panel.

GPS tracking

Activate the GPS on a device and discover the precise location of the smartphone. It is accurate within 10 feet.

App Monitoring

Another set of features allows you to monitor the usage of all apps, including social media and messaging applications.

Email monitoring

Read received and sent emails.

Data access

See all the photos, videos and other files on the device.

Personal data access

Here you will be able to read the notes, check the calendar and etc.

Remote control

This set of features allows you to wipe data on the targeted device, to lock it and to activate some of its systems.

There are plenty of additional features, which allow you the total control over the targeted device. In addition, you can remotely remove the app once you want to.

The final thought

At the end, we must repeat that the 9Spy App keylogger is exceptional. It is free to try, it is undetectable and it is effective in 100% cases. It also supports all Android versions and it doesn’t require any additional software or setting. Using this keylogger is simple and useful, as it should be.