Over 70% of boyfriends will cheat their spouse at some point.

Even more concerning is that age under 30 measures increase in this matter.

There are no obvious causes for infidelity or visible signs.

It can occur at any moment and it can have a severe side effect on your life!

Boyfriend text message spy app can be more than just used here.

It is just one of numerous features 9Spyapps offer.

If you are planning a marriage with that person, but you have suspicious, use the app and discover the truth.

A marriage founded on lies is a nightmare and usually a short one!

Reading text messages on boyfriends phone from your computer

A few years ago, the only way to read someone’s messages was to take his phone and read them when nobody sees you.

Today, the situation is different. Boyfriend text message spy app requires remote access and it has no complicated interface, time-consuming customization nor anything else.

In a matter of fact, to make it active you will have to:

  • Download the app on the device you want to read messages from
  • Activate the app
  • Login to your control panel (on the official website)
  • Done

To do all of these steps, you will need approximately 5 minutes.

The 9Spyapps itself is small in size and it can be downloaded in less than a minute.

The installation is performed in the same amount of time. After that, the app will become active and start monitoring the text messages.


Free trial no credit card required

No evidence of the app

The app doesn’t leave any traces that it is present in a phone.

There won’t be an icon in the menu nor there will be anything in the notification bar.

Obviously, the app isn’t displayed in the application menu, so conventional uninstall is impossible.

Nevertheless, all the messages from the smartphone will be visible on a control panel.

Each, next process and activity you want to use is done via the aforementioned control panel.

Physical access to the targeted device isn’t required! An interesting fact is that even uninstalling the app is done remotely.

9Spyapps stores the data and code in the ROM memory.

It cannot be deleted due to the fact it will become a part of the operating system.

Regardless of what a user does with his phone, the app will stay active.

No rooting or jailbreaking is required

It would be very useful if you had to root a device or jailbreak it (for iPhones) to use the app.

The entire process takes more than 30 minutes, at least. As such, the spy app is developed to work on devices with stock operating systems.

It is simple, easy and reliable. Boyfriend text message spy app allows you to protect yourself and your relationship before it is too late. In 98% cases, you will find something that a boyfriend wanted to stay hidden.

Once again, if you are planning to engage in marriage, this is a mandatory thing to do!


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